Earn cashback with your salary card

Renew your salary card and get 1% cashback on cashless payments.

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1% cashback

Get 1% cashback with your salary card on your cashless payments.

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Discount Platform

Get discounts at more than 60 stores, restaurants and various sales points.

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Conversion fee - 0%

Execute cashless payments without any commission.

Earn more cashback

Transfer of cashback amount to the card

The cashback amount is collected during the month and transferred to your card at the beginning of the next month.

Minimum limit of cashback

Cashback is calculated for payments of 0.5 AZN and more.

No cashback for following payments

C2C, utility payments, fines, etc. are not considered in calculation of cashback. Follow the link for the full list.

A bank card
A bank card

All advantages in one card

A bank card

Advance credit line

Limit up to 50 days and advance credit line up to salary amount.

Extensive ATM network

Cash withdrawal without any commission at more than 800 ATMs

Cash in without comission fee

Earn more cashback by cashing in

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For companies

Order a new and more affordable salary card for your employees


Provide your employees with the opportunity to earn cashback with PASHA Bank salary card.

Order online

Renew your card via Mobile app to earn by spending!

Select service requests from the menu of PASHA Bank mobile application.

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Select card renew / replace in the window.

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Enter information and click "Next".

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Reply questions and click "Next".

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Click "Submit" to get a new card and earn cashback.

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